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Help Us Help Students!!

Top Gun Scholar (TGS) is dedicated to making the life of the student/scholar easier. The plight of students and scholars world-wide is that there is too much material, too many books, too many websites. It is impossible to read everything. The founders TGS says you don't have to read everything; you just have to find what you need. The way to do that is to digitize the material, index it, and then scan for what is needed.

TGS is adding books to the library daily and is planning to market the full library on a stick-drive (also called thumb drive, jump drive, flash drive, USB drive and probably some others), a "Library on a Stick" as soon as it can raise enough money to do it. Top Gun Scholar has no paid employees and offers the website and search capability at no charge. The company is also hoping to raise money to purchase a robotic scanner to be able to add more books quicker.